Wednesday, 25 March 2015

An Eclipse of a week

This week again I have very little opportunity to get out and about so no new photo's to show, but to put my week in words will  be a first for me.

The week started sunning and warm and ended with the eclipse on Friday. unfortunately I was at work, even though I was lucky enough to have a clear sky and some time to go and see it I could not get any decent photo's to show.

There has been a number of birds in the garden this week including a pair of nesting Blackbirds in the hedge.  The Jay is stilll a regular visitor.

We are still getting a good showing of Goldfinch, blue tits and Great tits, I put the nest box up this weekend which the Great tits used last year, the Blue tits have had a look but not sure about anything else.  We also seem to have adopted a pair of Ferrel pigeons, but this morning they had grown to 3. One bird we have not seen for a while is the Pair of Bullfinch we saw so regularly during the winter.  long tailed tits are making an appearance every now and again along with a Wren and the Greenfinch.

The Nottingham Peregrines are back on the Newton Building at the Nottingham Trent University and are sitting on 4 eggs.  A link to the webcam is below.

More signs of spring and the warmer weather is the signs of Tulips coming up the daffodils in full bloom, the Crocuses and the frist Primrose in the garden.  Longer days just round the corner with the clocks going forward this weekend as we enter British Summer Time.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Not a good week for photography

This week has been a murky dull week and far from ideal for taking photographs.  To take the perfect photo you need the right subject and setting, but most of all the light needs to be right.  So a lot of the photo's I have taken this week are far from the quality I want to achieve but to show you what I mean I am going to post some for you to see.

I went back to Hall park on Sunday in search of the kingfisher but again to no avail. I did however get my first Green woodpecker of the year and saw my first Redwing of the year.

There was a lot of black headed gulls around a few coots, mallards and the Mute swan was still there.

Also saw a lot of Blue and Long tits.

Short but sweet this week hoping for some better weather over the next couple of weekends, especially on the 28 March because we are taking our first trip of 2015 to Bempton cliffs to hopefully photograph Puffins and Gannets.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The beginning of March brings spring.

This week saw the start of spring and hopefully some better weather.  it also brings the start of my latest spotting challenge, which is one of 4 challenges which happen throughout the year on a Nature forum I am a member of and have been since 2011.  It is the friendliest and best forum for Nature I have found in the UK.  loads of interesting stuff Photo's and knowledgeable members.  So if you are interested in Nature in the uk and are looking for a forum this is the forum for you.  I have posted a link below.

What have I been up to this week out of work.  started the week with some moon photo's and also ended the week with a Super moon.

This week has also seen some interesting sunrise's over a few days along with a weird mix of weather including snow, rain, frost and sunshine so a real mixture.

On the birding front I went to Hall park in search of the kingfisher but to no joy but did get what has now to me become the resident Great spotted woodpecker.

Along with the woodpecker there was a number of birds on the ponds including this Juvenile Mute swan and some mallard ducks, and in the field this Black headed gull.

In the Garden this week we saw the first signs of Spring with the flowers starting to come through.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Time to bring this blog back to life after nearly 2 years of neglect

Didn't realize it was such a long time since I posted in this blog.  So whats been going on I have still been taking photo's, I have had 3 new grand kids and not a lot of spare time.

I still manage to try and get out with my camera once a week in between work and still enjoy trying to get that unusual shot or a better shot than the last one.

Been visiting Hall Park for nearly 3 years now and saw my first Kingfisher last year.

The Woodpeckers at Hall park never fail to amaze such a great bird.

In the garden we have had an unusal mix including a pair of Bullfinch.  Last year we had nesting Great Tits, Blackbirds and House sparrows.  along with a visit from a Kestrel and the occasional sighting of a Sparrowhawk.

Also the return of another regular the Jay.

Finally for this week a trio of colourful visitors the Blue tit, Goldfinch and robin

On the non birding front we have had Squirrels and this little wood mouse.

Thats it for this week hope you enjoy reading and looking at my photo's